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Review of Trading Philosophy, Direction Starts and Possibilities

Philosophy is to identify the cause of direction. A computer deciphers price, time, volume data, calculates Direction Starts and four types of activity. Computers can monitor, measure, analyze markets 24 hours/day and place orders.
The four types of activity are categorized and encoded as:

Upward Buying = Buying,
Downward Selling = Selling,
High Selling = HS
Low Buying = LB

  • White vertical line identifies the new day.
  • Pacific time and date of the new day are below.
  • Green line/price highlights the start of a potential segment (trend).
  • Blue line/price (to be replaced) is for tolerance and getting out.
  • Basic segment sequence: 1) a start, 2) market continues direction or not, 3) go flat.
  • Buying that dominates selling, causes upward direction. Cause precedes effect.
  • Selling that dominates buying, causes downward direction. If such Selling exists, downward trend is possible.
  • When Buying begins, buy, go long at market.
  • When Selling begins, sell short at market.
  • A start and segment today, might be the start of a larger segment (trend) that continues for days and weeks.


  • Red background for potential loss, defined and quantified.
  • Yellow background for possible sideways condition with estimates.
  • Green background for market continuing direction.


Which markets do you want to trade and why?
What problems have you experienced with markets?
What do you need to improve?

You might have a busy schedule, projects to work on and simply don't have time to study and watch markets. Some people don't have a computer connected to receive and programmed to analyze streaming data from the exchanges. And some people might not have the specialized knowledge, including enough observations and research of market understanding, market logic and programming.

Without all three Ts: Time + Tools + Training, what kind of market timing have you had? Electronic Computer Trading Direction Starts by USAFutures

Moreover, what might be an alternative to you being fixated, stuck at your monitor(s) looking like an air traffic controller? With demands for your attention and perhaps attendance, how can you be more consistent and precise at getting in when new trends start?

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What is Direction Starts?

Direction Starts philosophy is derived from my personal market experience and observation of others.
In 1969 I bought my first shares and since then, have seen many analysts, events, firms and people come and go.

1) There are people who report what has happened in the past.
2) There are services in the business of forecasting the future.
Direction Starts is distinctly different from these first two as Direction Starts focuses on the ever present now.

Specifically, when a new potential segment (trend) is identified, an update is sent in the moment.
Your e-mail program, if like most, confirms the date and time messages are sent and received.

The starting price of a new potential segment is clearly highlighted in green.
Initial tolerance and exit levels are in blue.

Then, as the trade is subsequently managed, updates are also sent in the moment.
Management includes clear decisions about adding and/or replacing exit stop.

Therefore, with Direction Starts you experience the trading process as it happens.
This attribute enables you to see the legitamacy of Direction Starts, to compare and to refine your own trading.

If you're active minded enough to critically examine Direction Starts, you'll be on your way.
Enough observations and thought over time are required in order to earn the perspective.
So bookmark to return and learn.
Or, follow USAFutures at Twitter.

And finally, instead of sending you extensive writings about the past and future to read,
Direction Starts is visual, applying the ancient proverb, "One picture is worth ten thousand words."

Which markets do you want to trade and why?

What problems have you experienced with markets?
What do you need to improve?
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